Southampton: What will be Hasenhuttl’s best Centre-back duo?

With the purchase of Salisu this summer, Southampton will have to determine who their best Centre-back pairing will be for the new season.

Right now, Southampton have Salisu, Stephens, Bednarek, and Vestergaard as the four main options when it comes to their central defenders.

The Pairing of Bednarek and Stephens was the most often used last season after Jack Stephens found his form and really transformed his game. But now, it appears those two will have to compete for that second spot once Hasenhuttl deems Salisu ready to start in the Premier League.

Vestergaard, will likely be the odd man out and we will not really have to discuss him as he still may be sold this transfer window.

We will likely see the familiar duo of Stephens and Bednarek to start the season and their play in the early part of the season will likely determine who will remain once the new signing is ready.

My early instincts say we may likely see the Polish International be the victor but if Stephens continues to improve on the form he found last year he will not make the decision any easier for Hasenhuttl.

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The reason I say Bednarek will likely be starting next to Salisu is because he is the better all-around defender. He still has room to grow but right now he is the best option when it comes to stopping goals going in.

I could be wrong and it could very well be Stephens but all I know for sure is that I am not envious of Ralph who will ultimately have to make this decision.

At the end of the day I just hope we see less goals go in against Saints than we have in the past.

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