Southampton: Club to pursue a deal with Theo Walcott

Southampton have been very pleased with how The Walcott has impacted the team this season and now want to sign him permanently.

According to a report from The Athletic, the club will sign Walcott back to his childhood club on a free transfer this summer that will keep him around for the next couple of seasons.

As mentioned above, the club has been impressed with Walcott’s performance this season and really want to keep him around as an impact player and veteran presence for the younger players.

If this was not a free transfer I do not believe they would be willing to splash the cash for a 32-year-old but being able to sign him for free and just pay his wages is a win for both parties.

This will likely be the first move made in what will be a very active summer for the Saints. They are going to be looking to make a number of deals this transfer window and Walcott will likely be the oldest player signed by a healthy margin.

Walcott may not start every match next season but he will absolutely be an important part for the team either starting or coming off the bench.

It appears the other players that Southampton are scouting and targeting are under the age of 23 and they will want to develop them. It seems like they are targeting another attacking player, a full-back, and a centre-back. I think 3-4 players this summer should be the goal for the squad to add to their depth and hopefully not be as exposed when injuries occur.