Southampton: Power Ranking Saints Top 5 Players Pt.10

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Southampton picked up another victory over the weekend against Burnley thanks to a heroic comeback from two goals down at St. Mary’s.

With the victory against Burnley, Southampton seem to be safe from relegation this season and can start concentrating on finishing the season strong and looking forward to the next season and the upcoming transfer window.

But before we do all that, it is time to look at the current top 5 players for the club who are helping them stay afloat.

Number 5

Danny Ings

Ings is back and scoring again with a lovely goal against Burnley to start the comeback. He is such a fun player to watch and is truly one of the more talented strikers in England.

When he is on, he helps the team so much due to the other team having to focus so much attention solely on him. He can beat defenders on the ball and off of it with intelligent runs like that on Sunday.

I suspect we will see a little bit of a goal-scoring streak here to finish off the season facing clubs like West Brom in the near future.

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