Southampton: A look ahead at the Saints remaining fixtures

Southampton have had a tumultuous season and it is starting to wind down with just 6 fixtures left until the much-needed offseason.

The club is currently sitting 14th on the table and only 9 points above 18th place Fulham. It is unlikely they will be related but this season has just been ugly. It started off very well and included a brief stint at the top. Since it has been no fun for everyone involved.

Of the remaining 6 matches only 2 stick out to me as ones that matter. In their current run of form it does not seem like they will be able to pick up points anywhere other than these two matches. Those would be the one against Fulham and the one against Crystal Palace.

Fulham are currently in the relegation zone and things are looking bleak for them at the moment. By the time this match rolls around on 12 May it could very well be the nail in the coffin if Saints were to win.

Honestly, the Saints need to come out and crush them. They need it for their confidence that is likely at an all-time low after another match where they saw themselves drop points from a winning position.

They need to see themselves beat a relegation-bound team and understand they are better than that and deserve to be in the Premier League. I do suspect they will win but it may not be as comfortable as we would like.

The second match they need to win is the Palace match. As of right now, Palace are just 2 points above Southampton and really have been stagnant all season. Southampton will need to win this match again for the confidence. It could be one that sees them move up a spot or two on the table and a 12th place finish feels a hell of a lot better than a 14th place finish.

Maybe they will surprise me and pick up points elsewhere in the remaining fixtures but at this point in time, I just do not see it happening.

Pick up those two wins and go into the offseason feeling a little better about yourself and come out next season ready to prove everyone wrong.