Southampton: Jack Stephens hilariously pranked by Saints teammates

Southampton defender Jack Stephens was brutally pranked by a few of his Saints teammates recently.

Stephens thought it was just himself and Stuart Armstrong taking part in a promotional video for Unibet, who are a partner of Saints as a club.

What he didn’t know was that Nathan Redmond and Shane Long were in another room directing proceedings to well and truly stitch him up.

The prank began with Stephens believing that he was recording a video that would be used on big screens as the Cheltenham Festival, which is taking place this week.

He sportingly wore a number of hilarious outfits, put up with being called Stephen throughout and said some of the cringey phrases that Redmond and Long put forward.

By the end session, Stephens was understandably getting a bit frustrated and would have been pleased to be seeing his tasks for the afternoon coming to an end.

The final thing that he had to do was to have a photo taken with “Bertie” the horse, but there was one final surprise in store.

The pantomime horse was actually made up of Long at the front end and Redmond at the back end, and Stephens knew exactly what was up when they removed their costume once the picture was taken.

One thing that this clip does show is the team spirit that Saints have within their squad at the moment.

Stephens reacted well to being pranked here and took part in the made up promotional video alongside his teammate Stuart Armstrong before joining in the laughter once the prank had been revealed.

Another aspect to consider is that it provided the players with something to take their minds off their otherwise structured schedule.

Living the life of a footballer can obviously be rewarding but is also strict when it comes to training, diet and other things aimed at optimising their performance come Saturday afternoon.

Saints’ situation is a lot less precarious than it was a little while back, and each of Stephens, Armstrong, Long and Redmond will all be important in the final matches of the season.

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